New Water Meter

New Water Meter

Note: Gallons are read in thousands

Water Bill Breakdown The following rates will first be applied to
water consumed beginning January 20, 2021
and payable on the March 2021 bill.
Water$8.81per 1,000 gallons for first 25,000 gallons
$8.10per 1,000 gallons for next 100,000 gallons
$7.97per 1,000 gallons for gallons over 125,000
Sewer$0.47per 1,000 gallons used
Flat$0.38per month
(Garbage Pick-Up)
$27.84per month
Minimum charge for water is $17.62; minimum total bill is $45.84.
You can pay your water bill in one of three ways:

NOTE: Make checks payable to “Village of South Holland”.

A $100 deposit is required for:

  • All new customers
  • Customers who have had water shut-off
  • Customers who have written two returned checks in a 12-month period

Water shut-offs occur for default accounts of $75 or more.
There is a $75 re-connection fee.

Questions? Call the Customer Service Center at (708) 210-2900